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Billionaire Needs a Bride: Apply here.
He was a well dressed workaholic with a predictable schedule, so why was his face on a billboard like some desperate recluse looking for a wife?

And why am I so eager to apply?
Not that it mattered. The site had stopped taking applications by the time I got there. Just my luck. Little did I know, by the end of the day, that same billionaire would be offering me, a small town barista, the deal of a lifetime.

He’s rich, he’s dominant, he’s handsome, and now he is my new husband.
We weren’t a match made from love. We were one of convenience, but the passion was there and it was explosive. Would the passion extend beyond the bedroom? Could this actually be a marriage that lasts, or will it end before his obligations to his grandfather’s company are fulfilled?
And the biggest, most pressing question of all…
How am I going to explain this to anyone?

Marry Me, Daddy is Book 4 in the HOT new Rom-Com series about a group of friends who bond over their love of dirty books with drool-worthy heroes. Each eventually gets their own hot, hilarious happily-ever-afters.


About the Authors

Allysa Hart

I am a full-time mom to a sassy, strong-willed, loveable little girl. Okay, so she is all me. I am on the wrong side of 30, and I have been married to my best friend for over eight years. Like most couples, we have our ups and downs, but I could not imagine doing life with anyone else by my side. We are Southern California transplants, currently residing in a very rural part of the east coast. I have two crazy dogs that I adore, even though they drive me out of my ever-loving mind, most days.
I have recently rediscovered my love of words and decided to become a writer. My first story is my heart and soul, and it reaches into the depths of all that is me. I also create covers, promos, and logos for authors. I have met some amazing friends on this journey that I now happily call family. Without my family members, whether biological or chosen, I would not be half the person I am today. Their constant love and support keep me afloat.

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Rayanna Jamison

Rayanna is a coffee drinking, wine loving, sushi obsessed, knee sock fanatic who works her passions into every story she writes. She resides in Southern Utah with her husband, 2 kids, mother, grandfather, and 2 dogs.

In her spare time, she enjoys celebrating life with good food, good drinks, and good friends.

You can find me at these following places:









Anna not only enjoys her job at the coffee shop Spill The Beans but the relationships she has developed with her customers as well which is why she has been slowly saving money to achieve her dream of one day being the owner.

Spencer needs a wife and is running out of options and time. When he is convinced to launch a billboard campaign looking for candidates, he feels he has nothing to lose.

When Anna sees one of her clients on the billboard, she didn’t expect that it would lead to them being married. The surprises don’t stop there as she finds out he is a man with hidden depths and raises desires and needs in her that she didn’t know she had. Their journey as their arrangement turns to a relationship was filled with fun and heat.

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