Title: Key to Hell
Series: Hell Night Series #4
Author: Alex Grayson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 27, 2019


Death. Destruction. Pain. A soulless void. It’s his life. It’s his reality.
Emo doesn’t feel. Anything. His soul is dark and filled with hatred. People in the small town of Malus watch him with fear, with reverence. Exactly the way he prefers it.
Guilt surrounds him, caging him in an ominous past he refuses to let go. Can’t let go. His past is responsible for the shell of the man who now exists. He doesn’t know any other way to survive.
The woman who haunts his dreams is his only salvation. He’s hurt her over and over again. He didn’t have a choice.
The key he holds on to, the one he uses to carve into his flesh, is the key to his hell. It’s his reminder of the pain he’s suffered and inflicted.

Will there be retribution? Can Emo be saved? Or is he destined to live in this dark hell he’s surrounded himself in for the rest of his life?



Emo is man who is tortured not only by what was done to him at the hands of someone he should have been able to trust but it is the atrocities he had to do to another innocent that he will never recover from. He made the only decision he could at the time, but it guts him to this day, and now she is back and they must face what each of them have become.

Rella has endured so much in her life. What she had to live through in Sweet Haven was bad enough but what happened to her afterwards was devastating and would have broken a lesser person. She has returned a shell of the person that left but is there any way for either her or Emo to recover from the damage that was inflicted on them?

The much awaited conclusion to this epic series is here and boy was it worth the wait. The complex and compelling characters in this series tear your heart out and seeing how Rella and Emo evolve was beautiful to watch.



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