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Fans of Nora Roberts and E.L. Todd will love this small town contemporary romance. 


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Focused. Driven. Responsible.
That may translate to boring to you, but I’ve got dreams I’m determined to reach. I don’t need interference from anyone along the way – I’ve had enough of that in my lifetime. That includes guys like Cole.
Infuriating. Immature. Ridiculously hot. Did I mention infuriating?
He’s trouble waiting to happen.
Trouble that I most certainly don’t have time for.
Focused. Driven. Responsible. And freakin’ gorgeous.
All words I’d use to describe Sammy. My Sammy.
And all the more reason she needs to loosen up and have a little fun.
Who better to help her with that than me? I’m fun with a capital F. Perfect for the job.
Except, she’s the one girl in this small town that doesn’t fall at my feet because I’m Cole Patterson.
She’s the one girl, that when I finally catch her, I may never let go.


Cole is a musician who plays at the bar that he owns with Liam and Zane. He is more than willing to entertain any groupies that catch his attention and seldom goes home alone. He was enjoying his single life to the fullest until one of his employees, Sammy catches his attention.

Sammy has plans for her future and that means finishing her college degree and helping her sister out. She is not about to jeopardize her job and be distracted by a man who changes women like most people change their socks despite her attraction to him.

Cole is determined to show Sammy that he is not the player she thinks she is but rather a man who doesn’t want or need anyone else but her. Hot chemistry, emotion and a protective man who shows all he was waiting for was the right woman and now that he has found her he isn’t about to let her go.

Other Books In This Series

Watch Over Her (Book 1)
When her first love abandons her, and a heart-wrenching accident takes her parents too soon, Raina decides it’s time for a fresh start. In a brand new town, with walls planted firmly around her heart, Raina has given up on her happily ever after, deciding it’s easier to be alone than to risk losing it all. For a second time.
When she meets Zane, the new bartender in the small North Carolina town she now calls home, the foundation of those walls begins to crumble. Broody, irritable, and incredibly sexy, there’s something about him she just can’t shake.
As they begin to forge a connection together, Zane’s tumultuous past catches up with him and threatens to destroy any potential future they may have, leaving Raina to question all the decisions she’s made.
Watching over Raina is the hardest promise Zane has ever had to make. Sometimes love doesn’t heal all wounds and not all happy endings are meant to be. But perhaps two tortured souls can find the peace they deserve, together.
Hold On To Her (Book 2)
There’s armor around my heart for a reason. Men are idiots. I was burned by my ex in the worst kind of way, so opening myself up to another man is out of the question. Not on your life. No husband, no babies anywhere in my future. No commitments. My head knows this, but somehow when I’m around him, my heart has a tendency to forget. Why does Liam Reynolds seem to have this hold on me?
My heart is an open book for a reason. There’s this woman. She is all kinds of wonderful, and I can see my future with her in it as my wife and the mother of my children. My heart knows she is perfect for me, but somehow when I’m around her, my head seems to forget she is a no commitment kind of girl. I’m convinced, though, that I’ll eventually wear her down. Why is Sarah Witten so dead set on pushing me away when all I want to do is hold on to her?
About the Author
Olivia Stephen is a lover of hot coffee, sweet wine, and romance, whether reading it or writing it. It was her love of reading and writing that helped her reach a decision to take a position as a Literacy Specialist for her school district after teaching at the elementary level for 30 years. Olivia makes her home with her husband in the mountains of Western Maryland, but loves an occasional trip to the beach. She has one daughter in college and a son who has recently graduated from college and headed south, preferring warmer weather.
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