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Desperate to Touch, the highly anticipated follow up to Hard to Love by USA Today Bestselling Author Willow Winters is now LIVE!!!!

“Desperate to Touch is intense and suspenseful, incredibly emotional, SUPERBLY WRITTEN, and the push and pull is euphoric. This second book is everything.” – Jessica, Angie & Jessica’s Dreamy Reads

Get your copy today!

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Desperate to Touch is book 2 in a series. Hard to Love must be read first.

Start reading Hard to Love today!

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When Laura left Seth, he was equal parts devastated and angry and those emotions still remain now that she is back in his life once again. This time around he is determined that things will be different, and he will be protect her even if it is from herself. We learn so much more about the man that Seth is and with every new tidbit we receive he becomes more intriguing.

When they were together Laura didn’t leave Seth because she didn’t love him and those feelings haven’t changed. Laura has evolved into a much stronger independent version of herself and she is worthy of being his partner, but can she handle the complex man and the dangerous life he leads?

Full of suspense, hot chemistry and twists this story escalates into an epic cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more of this amazing couple.


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