Billionaire’s Secret & Doctor’s Secret BY Lyz Kelley



The Billionaire’s Secret:

The Doctor’s Secret:



Genre: Contemporary Romance 





Billionaire’s Secret


Weston Carver is sexy, domineering, secretive and gets what he wants. 
And he wants Courtney Kramer to run one of his newly acquired businesses. 
She wants nothing to do with powerful, New York influencer, but if she’s going to save the lives of women, she needs a financial backer. 
Weston has the money and means to support a half dozen charities. Maybe he will support hers. Then again, what will he want in return for his investment? 
Time is running out. If she wants to keep the shelter open and continue helping women in need, she must make a deal with the uber, hot CEO. 



Due to her past Courtney has put her heart and soul into the women’s shelter she created and manages so that others do not have to endure what she went through. When she is in danger of losing the building where the shelter is located, she will do whatever is necessary to keep it viable and that includes working for a man that she believes is an arrogant billionaire.

Weston is the eldest sibling and he manages the family business. He is not your typical billionaire as he has an innate need to help others which is why he privately supports Empower House. The only problem is that they are not operating as well as they could so he wants Courtney to manage them and in return he will buy the building where here shelter is located.

As they work together the chemistry between them ignites but will her past stand in the way of their future especially when others are challenging the trust between them?

Full of emotion this is an emotional story about two people who are damaged because of their pasts who help each other heal.



Doctor’s Secret


McKenzie Carver is not a miracle worker.
How is she supposed to deal with the obnoxious, self-important, sexy surgeon that won’t listen to reason? 
The obstinate doctor is putting her family name at risk with his over-the-top demands and bullish nature. But he’s her responsibility, her family says, and she must find a way to keep him in line. If she doesn’t, he won’t get the hospital operating room—the robotic suite her family has funded—functional.
Garrett Branston is a workaholic with a sharp wit and irresistible charm—but his charm isn’t working on gorgeous McKenzie Carver. She might be suggesting he chill, but the attraction between them is anything but cold.
When she tells him he needs some serious PR intervention and suggests a fake engagement to redeem his reputation, he agrees, as long as she’s the one to pose as his fiancee.
But Garrett is still hiding something, and McKenzie fears his secrets will ruin everything her family has built.


ReviewDue to a devastating experience in her past McKenzie allows very few people close except for her family. So when they ask her for a favor she can’t say no even if it means pretending to be the pretend fiancé for a grumpy doctor.

There is no denying that Garrett is an accomplished surgeon but the same can’t be said for his people skills. With his job in jeopardy he needs McKenzie’s help to improve his image and that’s when the fun really begins.

As they spend time together they realize there is so much more to the other then they thought but is it enough to overcome their painful pasts?


Meet Lyz Kelley

Award-winning author Lyz Kelley mixes a little bit of heart, healing, humanity, happiness, hope and honor in all her books that are written especially for you. She’s is a total disaster in the kitchen, a compulsive neat freak, a tea snob, and adores writing about and falling in love with everyday heroes.  



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