Title: A Friendly Wager
Author: Nikky Kaye
Genre: New Adult/College Romance

 Release Date: November 7, 2019



When I told my friend Will that I was done with dating, he
looked at me like I’d decided to give up oxygen. 
I’m not the first college princess to swear off kissing
frogs, and just because we have a biology lab together doesn’t mean that he’s
an expert on the birds and the bees, except… he’s given me a challenge—a
friendly wager, so to speak. 
A thousand bucks is on the line, and all I have to do is
prove that he doesn’t affect me. It’ll be the easiest money I’ll make all
Only, I didn’t count on how hard it would be to resist his
panty-dropping smirk, dirty promises, and the way he gets inside my head.
Giving up oxygen might be easier.
We’re both playing to win, but at what cost?



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Author Bio
Nikky Kaye
writes funny, sexy romance about sassy women in fabulous shoes and the alpha
heroes who sweep them off their feet.
In real
life, Nikky has dipped her toe in a lot of careers, but her twin boys always
come first. When not writing, you may find her brandishing puns and power
tools, or wandering through the dollar stores of western Canada.
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Cassie has not had the best of experiences with men so has decided to put that part of her life on hold however when she confides this information to her best friend Will it becomes a game changer.    He is determined to show her that she has been dating the wrong man and that he can give her exactly what she needs.    Let the games begin!

Heat and humor combine as two people test the boundaries of their friendship.

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