Finish What You Started 
by Alexandra Evans 
Publication date: October 19th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance,Sports


Tyler Johansen, catcher for the Memphis Blues, always promised himself he would complete his bachelor’s degree. But his online professor is a real pain in the ass.

When Professor Harper Manning is forced to bend the rules for one of her students just because he’s a professional athlete, she’s pissed. Entitled jerk.

Unfortunately he’s the sexiest entitled jerk she’s ever come across, and Ty has made it clear he’s hot for teacher. She could lose her job if they’re caught messing around.

The problem is, he might be worth it.



Tyler left college to play baseball before he finished his degree and although he doesn’t regret it he wants to complete his. With the schedule his career demands he has decided to take the course online never expecting that he would clash with the teacher he has never met.

Harper doesn’t believe that any student should receive what she perceives as preferential treatment especially a professional athlete. Even though they are like oil and water there is no denying the chemistry between them but if their secret is revealed will that mean the end of her career?

I did enjoy this debut story from this author as she has taken some well known tropes and incorporated her own twist.

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