Running After A Heartbreaker by Jami Albright




“This is a bad idea.”

“The worst.” He placed his hands under her butt and lifted. “Should I stop?”

“I’ll murder you if you do.”

Hailey Odom’s life is out of tune. The bar she owns with her father is a Texas-sized money pit that she has four months to save. Her mean-as-a-snake ex-husband is breaking their daughter’s heart daily. And the town of Zachsville hates her guts for something that was only 50 percent her fault.

And oh, right, she just ran out on her own wedding.

Beau Callen’s life is hitting all the right notes. Dubbed “The Heartbreaker” by his adoring female fans, he’s living the country music stardom dream. At least until an “altercation” lands half his band in jail and the other half in the hospital – this rising star could use a temporary place to crash.

The last thing Hailey or Beau needs is a scorching-hot romance messing with their plans. So when Hailey rents Beau her backyard guesthouse and passions blaze hotter than the Texas sun, their dreams are in serious danger of going up in flames.

To make it all work, they’ll have to keep their hands off each other and their eyes on the prize. Too bad their hearts are singing a different tune.

Don’t miss Running After a Heartbreaker – a hilarious friends-to-lovers, sexy musician with a heart of gold, determined single mom, small-town swoony romance.




Hailey has spent the last ten years of her life trying to make amends for a decision she made that the town holds against it. After the death of her Mom she finds herself trying to honor a promise to her mother while being a single mother to her daughter Lottie. When her plans of getting married go up in smoke she finds herself with tenant who is pursuing a career in country music.

Beau is in town to be close to his cousin who is also his manager. He is only here for a short period of time before his career will take him away and both Beau and Hailey know that they should ignore the chemistry between them but some things are too strong to be denied.

I really enjoyed all the characters. Beau is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy while Hailey is so focused on the past that it takes a while for her to realize she is missing out on the present and Lottie is a scene stealer.  The narrator manages to bring the humor, heat and heart of this story to life.


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