Title – Malia
Series Name – Black Sentinels MC
Series Number – Book 3
Author – Victoria Johns

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She was beautiful.
He was my best friend.
I loved her, but he took her away from me, so I left and never looked back.
I thought I understood brotherhood, but then I joined the Black Sentinels and they showed me what real loyalty was. Not like Dean, my childhood best friend. He and I made a pact about Malia, the beautiful girl who moved in next door, but they betrayed me and cut out my heart, and I vowed I would never forgive either of them.
Now she’s here, the girl I loved—the one whose call to my heart was stronger than the call of the ocean, and she needs me and my club to help keep her safe from him.
The thing is, betrayal cuts deep and I’m not sure I can be there for her when I fear falling in love with her all over again. 
But that’s a lie. I never stopped loving her. She ruined all other women for me.
Malia Kyler took my heart over a decade ago and never gave it back.
Can I let her in for a second time? Or do I risk it all, and take what should’ve been mine all those years ago?
Meet the Author
Victoria Johns is a Cheshire based writer with a wild imagination for steamy stories, she believes it’s every girl’s dream to experience a happily ever after.
Realising it was time to live her own dream, she now enjoys day dreaming and creating fiery romance novels.
 When she’s not doing that, she can be found spending time with her family, cycling the countryside or enjoying pink fizz with her crazy friends. 

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Universal Buy Link – getBook.at/vjmalia


From the moment that Malia moved into the neighborhood with her mother she became immediate friends with two of her neighbors Reef and Dean. Reef and Dean have been friends since they were children and since they are both attracted to Malia an agreement is made that neither will become more than friends with Malia however Reef honored the pact while Dean broke the pact which resulted in devastation for all.

A decade later Malia needs protection from the man she chose and that means going to the man who rejected her for help. Reef is not about to forget the damage that was done but that doesn’t mean he won’t protect her which means facing the past that both have avoided for so long.

Intrigue, heat and so much emotion as two people who have always belonged together get their second chance.


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