Title: Play the Part

Series: Road Trip Romance #2

Author: A.K. Evans
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: December 10, 2019
bridesmaid, Cora Daniels, has one rule. Play the part, but never assume the
role. Unfortunately, with less than twenty-four hours before her latest
clients’ nuptials begin and the bridal party down by one, Cora has no choice
but to step in.
Worse yet,
she ends up paired with one of New York’s most wealthy and eligible bachelors.
Mason’s reputation precedes him. He’s ruthless, cunning, driven, and
exceedingly wealthy. Word has it that he’s also great in bed. So, it’s no
surprise most women fall over their own feet for a shot at a night with him.
But Ben’s tired of the meaningless hookups.
If only it
weren’t so hard to find a woman to settle down with who wants him for more than
just his money.
When Ben
meets Cora, he thinks she’s precisely what he’s been searching for. But she’s
not interested in being another notch on his bedpost. So, when Ben sees Cora in
a compromising position, he steps in to play the part of her successful,
handsome boyfriend.
But the
lines begin to blur, leaving Cora wondering how much is real and if her heart
is safe in his hands.



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Author Bio
A.K. Evans is a
married mother of two boys residing in a small town in northeastern
Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Lafayette College in 2004 with two
degrees (one in English and one in Economics & Business). Following a brief
stint in the insurance and financial services industry, Evans realized the
career was not for her and went on to manage her husband’s performance
automotive business. She even drove the shop’s race cars! Looking for more
personal fulfillment after eleven years in the automotive industry, Andrea
decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.
While Andrea continues
to help administratively with her husband’s businesses, she spends most of her
time writing and homeschooling her two boys. When she finds scraps of spare
time, Evans enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching NY Rangers hockey, dancing,
and vacationing with her family. Andrea, her husband, and her children are
currently working on taking road trips to visit all 50 states (though, Alaska
and Hawaii might require flights).
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When Cora agreed to plan the wedding the last thing she wanted was to actually be a bridesmaid in the ceremony, especially once she finds out who her escort is.

Ben is sexy, successful and was happily single however he is beginning to want more.    When he meets Cora, he knows that she is special but convincing her that he is not just a playboy but looking for the right person is a challenge he is willing to accept.

Hot chemistry, witty banter and once Cora was willing to open her heart to the fact that there is much more to Ben than his reputation there is no doubt that they belonged together.

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