Looking for a new audiobook? How about a little checklist:

✔︎Plus-Sized Heroine
✔︎Virgin Romance
✔︎Friends to Lovers
✔︎Opposites Attract
✔︎Sports Romance

Grab the audio of Blindsided NOW! IT’S NOW WHISPERSYNCHED!!!


Mac is a sweet, sexy and successful football player. He plays the game not only for himself but for those that he loves the most and is determined not to let them down which means not getting distracted by anything and that includes women. Freya is a curvy seamstress who appears to be outgoing and confident but inside she has the same insecurities we all do that when it comes to other people we don’t always measure up.

Mac and Freya are the type of friends that just enjoy the time they spend together where it doesn’t matter what they are doing the banter between them is both hilarious and honest. When a simple game has Freya revealing her lack of experience when it comes to men Mac offers to become her tutor and teach her about all things physical and once that line is crossed their friendship is about to become very complicated.

Fun and flirty there is no denying that they are perfect for each other. She isn’t interested in him for his skills on the field and he sees her beauty even when she doesn’t see it herself. I received a complimentary copy of the audiobook and thought both narrators were excellent with the Scottish and English inflections.

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