Victor has to fight the enemy and his feelings for his sister’s best friend…

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She’s a damsel in distress.
I’m supposed to protect her, not desire her.
Especially since she’s my sister’s best friend.

I never imagined I’d get caught in the crossfire between the police and the Mexican cartel. After a failed kidnapping attempt, a bodyguard attaches himself to my hip.

Why does it have to be Victor: my best friend’s brother and the man I’ve had a crush on since I was sixteen?

Estelle tempts me like no other woman. I push aside my attraction though. My goal is to keep her safe, not sleep with her.

The stakes are at an all time high when someone betrays us to the enemy. Now it’s a race against the clock to find her before it’s too late.
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Estelle did not have an easy childhood but at least she had her best friend and her family there to help her through. The only problem is that her feelings for Victor, her best friend’s brother, were not those of siblings but she isn’t about to destroy her relationship with the only family she has ever known.

Victor is a police office who is there to investigate Estelle’s attempted kidnapping. He has always had deep feelings for her and now that she is in danger there isn’t anything he won’t do to protect her but he isn’t about to let this opportunity go to waste. He is going to show her that they have always belonged together but first he will find out who is after her and why.

Estelle is a woman who bears the emotional scars of her past which has caused her to build walls around herself but they were no match for Victor’s determination and perseverance. Suspense and heat combine into a compelling story.

About LK Shaw
LK Shaw is a physical therapist assistant by day and author by night. She resides in South Carolina with her high maintenance beagle mix dog, Miss P, who should probably just have her own Instagram account. An avid reader since childhood, she became hooked on historical romance novels in high school. She now reads, and loves, all romance sub-genres, with erotic romance and romantic suspense being her favorite. LK enjoys traveling and chocolate. Her books feature hot alpha heroes and the strong women they love.
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