Dare You and Dare Me


(Dare Duet)



by KL Shandwick






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Genre: Contemporary Romance




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Dare You Synopsis


What would you do if a stranger deliberately kissed you?



What if that stranger was younger, hotter than hell and your husband had already traded you in for a much younger model?



Now what if his smoking hot kiss served as the ultimate payback for you being wronged… would you welcome it then?



Seeking sanctuary from a rainstorm inside a wine bar alone Billie Collier’s haven quickly became her hell when of all the places in New York City her soon-to-be ex-husband was also already in there, with his tall pretty homewrecker.



When another rain-soaked refugee swept inside dressed in a high dollar suit he does so with fear in his eyes. Drenched, Sawyer Wild breathed raggedly as he shrugged himself out of his jacket and quickly planted himself in the last empty chair in the wine bar—the one directly across from Billie.


Forced together by circumstance she seeks solace in Sawyer’s flirty banter which strokes her neglected ego, and as time passes and wine loosens her tongue she confesses Logan’s presence and her current humiliation.



Although relative strangers, he quickly relates to Billie’s desperate need to save face and with her curious husband approaching can Billie find her courage to trust and dare Sawyer when he offers her a chance to get even?


When Billie got married she thought it was forever but she found out it was just until her husband found someone younger who could attract his attention. She is still reeling from the betrayal and the feelings of not being enough when she happens to end up in the same place where her ex is with the new woman in her life. Wanting to crawl under the table and hide instead fate steps in and a sexy younger man ends up sitting at her table and showing her husband that she has moved on.

A year later fate brings them together once again and the chemistry and connection between them is stronger than ever. This time one casual encounter is not enough but it remains to be seen if they will they be overcome not only their pasts but the fact that they are at very different places in their lives.

I really enjoyed both these characters as Billie gains back the confidence in herself that her ex crushed while Sawyer shows her that she is perfect just the way she is.



Dare Me Synopsis


When Sawyer Wild dared a stranger to ask him to kiss her, he had no idea that kiss would leave its mark.



With her estranged husband looking on, a normally shy Billie Collier, the gorgeous older, soon-to-be divorcee, shocked herself and complied.



Leaving the wine bar alone, Sawyer felt they had unfinished business when the memory of their all-to-brief, blistering chemistry had left him with an ache he’d been unable to shake.



Ten months later, a second chance to know Billie unexpectedly fell into his hands and he grabbed it.


Love, be it a slow burn or hard and fast, usually happens when it is least expected. Sawyer accepted love is love and was confident he could smooth most of the bumps on the road. After all, the path to true love never runs smooth. However, in Billie’s case accepting that she was enough took a little longer to achieve.



Billie and Sawyer may have fallen in love and found their way to each other, but their journey has just begun. Billie is still dealing with the aftermath of her divorce and is just waiting for Sawyer to realize that she is a woman with too responsibilities and too much baggage for the long term. Sawyer is trying to show Billie by word and deed that the only place he wants to be is by her side and everything she deals with only makes him love her more.

This is a story about a deep love where each partner only wants the other to be happy and they accept each other as they are. They have their period of adjustments as most relationships do but once they feel secure in the unwavering love between them it makes them stronger as individuals and as a couple.


Meet the Author
Writing came relatively later in life for K.L. Shandwick after a challenge by a friend led to The Everything Trilogy. She loves creating new characters and story lines. Her characters have flaws and she hopes this helps the connection between them and her readers. K.L. enjoys the journeys they take her on during the creation of her stories, and each character has his or her own voice. She doesn’t use prepared outlines for her stories preferring the characters to take their own direction as the story progresses. These days K.L. lives in the Yorkshire countryside in the UK, and writes full-time.


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