❤️My Valdez Valentine from Katy Regnery is here❤️

Fall in love with Katy Regnery’s superhot Alaskan men…

When Los Angeles lawyer Addison receives a desperate voice mail from her adventure-seeking brother, Elliot, she hires Alaskan helicopter pilot Gideon (whom she first discovers via an ad in the Odds Are Good) to take her to her brother’s last known location. As the two uncover more and more details about Elliot’s last days, they find themselves falling deeply for each other.



One frantic phone call from her twin brother Elliot was all it took for Addison to put her career as a successful lawyer on hold to head to Alaska and find out what happened. Due to what they had to endure in their past they are closer than most siblings and there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him.

Gideon is a helicopter pilot who is drawn to Addison from their first meeting. He agrees to help her in her search which starts an adventure that neither expected either physically or emotionally. She is devastated that her brother is missing and Gideon supports her in every way it comes. When the search comes to an end can two people with very different pasts and presents find a way to be together?

This story was so unexpected in a good way. We still have the witty banter and chemistry that we expect from this author but the emotional part will definitely touch your heart.



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