Coffee Shop Girls, #1
by L. Moone
Publication Date: January 8, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Younger Woman, Curvy, BBW, Instalove, Romance, Novella


From the moment I bump into him at the coffee shop, I know I am in trouble. The way he looks at me – confident as though he’s won me over already – tells me he’s unlike any other guy.

Lawrence isn’t a boy, he’s a man. And he’s pursuing me relentlessly.

During one whirlwind night together, he makes me feel things I never thought possible; shows me passion I’ve never known before. Could he be the one, or is our love doomed to fail like all the others who came before? You see, guys tend to run once they find out who I am…

Lauren is mine from the moment I first spotted her, she just doesn’t know it yet. When I put my mind to something – whether in business or in my personal life- I’m the sort of guy who follows through, normally.

I vow to woo Lauren, to convince her she’s the shining beacon that’s been missing in my world, when an unforeseen revelation ruins everything. Once I find out her last name, it opens up a world of complications. I’m in business with her father and he isn’t going to take kindly to our affair.

If I want a chance to claim her, just how much am I willing to give up – personally as well as professionally?

Note: this self-contained steamy holiday read may end up melting not just your Kindle, but your heart as well! If you love steamy body positive romance stories featuring confident older men and a curvy younger women, L. Moone’s Coffee Shop Girls series is going to tick all your boxes. Every book follows a different couple from the moment lightning first strikes all the way to their happily ever after. They can be read in any order, but for maximum enjoyment I suggest you start here, with some Fireworks.


Realistic characters, pure emotions, true passion. Everything I write is about the characters: how they interact, what’s going on in their heads, how the passionate relationship develops and affects them. I don’t believe in keeping things hidden, or dressing them up just for show. Some of my characters are potty-mouths, most of them are less than perfect (yes, even physically). I aim to write a happy ending for all of them, without keeping anything behind closed doors.

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When Lauren decides to take a break from the new business she is opening and enjoy a cup of coffee she didn’t think that accidentally taking the wrong cup of coffee would lead to an enjoyable conversation and an even more enjoyable evening.

Lawrence was happy rather than upset when a beautiful woman tries to abscond with his coffee. He may not know anything about her but the one thing he does know is that he wants to spend more time with her but once they find out the connection between them will it destroy the relationship they have been building?

Fun and flirty I enjoyed this story and look forward to the other books in the series.



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