Title: Own the Eights

Series: Own the Eights #1

Author: Krista Sandor
Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 19, 2020
Bookshop owner, Georgie Jensen, is done with shallow
 Her Own the Eights blog dishes out advice on how to steer clear
of egotistical creeps only concerned with looks and status. Her focus is
finding one’s true soulmate—not the superficial ten but the solid, reliable
Jordan Marks is the city’s top fitness trainer who won’t
settle for anything less than the best.
 His blog promotes working
hard, playing harder, and striving to always be—you guessed it—a ten.
When these two opposites are forced to team-up for an
online competition, opinions clash and mouse pads fly.
The twist: there can only be one winner, and if Georgie
wants to keep her shop open, that winner needs to be her.
But the more time this eight and this ten spend together,
the more they learn that, when it comes to love, a number might not be what
matters the most.
Own the Eights is a steamy rom-com full of heart, heat,
and oodles of laugh out loud moments!



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“I’m going to
kiss you, Georgie, and it’s going to be the best kiss you’ve ever had.”
“Doubtful,” she
answered in a tight breath.
He tilted her head,
and her warm breath tickled his lips. “There’s something you need to know about
“What’s that?”
she asked as she gripped his forearms.
“I don’t settle
for anything less than the best. I work damn hard. I finish everything I start,
and I always win.”
She bit her lip.
“That’s too bad.”
“Oh yeah?” he
“Yeah. Prepare
yourself to lose this competition and this kiss challenge because I’ll tell you
right now, I have more determination in my little finger than you do in your
entire perfect, muscle-bound body.”


Author Bio
Amazon Bestselling Author and terrible cook, Krista Sandor
writes steamy contemporary romance with toe-curlingly hot heroes and heroines
you’ll want as your best friends.
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After being told that she could never be more than an eight Georgiana has decided to embrace that thought as perfection is highly overrated and even decided to share her thoughts on the subject with others on her blog. When she is offered the opportunity to complete in a contest that could give the bookstore she owns the financial stability it needs it sounds like a great idea until she meets her competition.

Jordan is a successful fitness trainer who has always strived to be a ten whether it is personally or professionally and nothing less will do. He needs to win the contest to achieve his dreams for the future and he doesn’t understand Georgiana’s attitude but the one thing he does know is a ten will beat an eight any day of the week. Let the challenge begin!

This story was so much fun. The interactions between Georgie and Jordan were humorous, the sparks intense and they both have their quirks that only make them that much more relatable.

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