Release Date: March 26
I knew this internship would change my life…


Thirty days ago, I received an internship with a design firm in L.A.


One day ago, I kissed a hot businessman in a swanky bar and then left him with a fake name and number.


Today, that sexy stranger is my new boss, and he’s not too happy when he finds out my real identity.
But that doesn’t change the fire that lit between us and now I have six weeks of trying to resist Brody Jensen. 

He might be out of my league, but I’d be out of my mind not to give in to the chemistry threatening to consume us.

I know Brody is breaking the rules for me, but he’s not the only one. 

Because I swore I’d never fall for the type of man my mother always warned me about— a man who is married to his job.

Too late. 




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Receiving the internship at a success men’s clothing corporation is exactly the jump start that Peyton needs for her career.    She has a painful past and hasn’t healed from the emotional scars it left so when she finds out her new boss is the stranger she shared a steamy moment with the night before and the only man to inspire feelings  in her things are about to get complicated.

Brody’s past has ensured that his focus must be on his career and not be distracted by any woman.    From the moment that he met Peyton he knows that what he feels for her is different than anything he has felt for anyone else but are either of them willing to open up their hearts and lives to love?

There is no denying the physical connection between them but there is a deep emotional connection as well.    The characters are compelling, and the storyline draws you and has you invested in their happy ever after.

Meet Sierra Hill


Sierra Hill wrote Physical Touch, her first full-length romance, after a corporate acquisition provided her some quality writing time during a stint of unemployment. She has always been an aspiring writer, and feels incredibly blessed to be living her dream.
When not working part-time or writing her hot, steamy novels, Sierra loves attending live concerts, and is a huge alternative music enthusiast. She and her husband even travel to various cities across North America whenever their favorite band, Pearl Jam, is on tour.
Sierra freely admits to being addicted to reading, all things chocolate, and too much coffee. 


Sierra resides in the Seattle area with her husband of twenty years and her rescued (and certifiably crazy), German Shepherd dog.
She is currently busy working on her next book.
Connect with Sierra Hill

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