Title: Chasing Trouble In Texas
Series: Lone Star Ridge Book 2

Author: Delores Fossen

Release Date: May 19, 2020



They’ve got each other—and a whole lot of trouble.

Austin Jameson’s life is complicated enough. With twin girls he adores and a ranch he’s dedicated to, the widower and cowboy is more than busy. But when his former flame arrives in his hometown, his world is thrown off balance.

Former child star McCall Dalton wants to run away—from her image and the scandal that has engulfed her. Brokenhearted and humiliated, she’s come back home to Texas to escape.

Austin doesn’t find peace and McCall doesn’t get refuge—instead they rediscover every delicious inch of one another. Before long, their budding romance must face a custody battle with Austin’s in-laws and yet another scandal. Determined not to let each other go a second time, they set out to prove that it’s true what they say: love really does conquer all.

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It’s been two years since Austin wife passed away and he has been a single father to Gracie and Avery, his three year old twin daughters, ever since. They are the driving force of his life and he would do anything for them so when he finds himself entertaining surprise guests the situation is both humorous and awkward.

McCall is a former child actor who is trying to outrun her past, but it doesn’t help when her appearance in a fundraiser leads to her finding her fiancé in a compromising position. She needs some time and space so she decides to head to grandmother’s only to get some comfort from her friend Austin along the way when she finds her fiancé already there looking for her.

As McCall and Austin spend time together the chemistry between them erupts but when her past threatens his relationship with his daughters will they have to choose between their love for the children and their love for each other?

This is a fun and flirty story about love and family which is both heartwarming and humorous. They certainly had some obstacles to overcome but that only made them appreciate it more.

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