by Elsie Davis
Publication Date: June 8, 2020
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Bliss, Contemporary, Romance, Fake Relationship, Marriage of Convenience


To save her son, shy but determined waitress Becky McAllister would do just about anything. But she never expected “anything” to include the brother of the man who broke her heart.

Steve Parker needs a wife, now, if he has any hopes of winning his local DA election and becoming the advocate for the underserved he’s always dreamed of being. The sweet waitress seems like just the person—if he can get her to agree.

One year of marriage—no strings, no personal attachments. Becky gets the insurance funds she needs for her son’s surgery while Steve’s poll ratings soar. Neither planned on a commitment in their future, so they should have no problem making it through the year without getting emotionally involved, right?

Except Becky’s holding on to a secret from her past—one that would change everything.


When Becky found herself pregnant as a teenager, she was willing to give up her dreams for the future for the sake of her son Byron even though she had no financial or emotional support from the baby’s father. When her son needs surgery that she can’t afford she is struggling to determine her next move.

Steve comes from an affluent lifestyle and is determined to become the youngest DA. The only problem is that the voters would prefer that he was in a committed relationship rather than being single. He and Becky had an immediate connection and they might just be the solution to each other’s problems as long as their hearts don’t get involved.

Becky is strong and independent, but the secrecy of her son’s father is having an impact on her present while Steve develops feelings for both mother and son and faces a life decision of his own.


Elsie Davis discovered the world of Happily-Ever-After romance at the age of twelve when she began avidly reading Barbara Cartland, the Queen of Romance, and has been hooked ever since. After building her dream log home on top of a small mountain, she turned her attention to do what she loves most, writing. An award-winning author and active member of RWA, she writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She writes from her heart, hoping to share a little love in a big world. She will never forget the moment of exhilaration when she first got the email offering her a contract for publication. A moment that has repeated itself, and one that keeps her energized and moving forward.

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