Title: Cream-Pied
Series: DTF (Dirty. Tough. Female.) #2
Author: Kat Addams
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 16, 2020


DTF. Support your local girl gang!Me and my dirty, tough female besties were stripping it down at The Steamy

I knew that my side hustle as a stripper would pay my bills, but who would have
thought the pole life would lead to a proposal?

A fake one anyway …

Then again, I knew divine intervention when I saw it.

And that fake relationship might be the realest thing I’d ever felt.

I was minding my business, slaying my goals, living my best life with my girl
gang—on my own terms. Love was the last thing on my mind. Marriage just wasn’t
in the cards for me. I never considered myself wifey material.

Staying at home, baking cookies and washing laundry?

Forget it!

Then, Weston, with his big heart and bushy beard, snuck his way into my
feelings. His family was prim and perfect, and my edgy attitude and I were

He needed a fiancée to secure his place in the family business, and I needed
cash to pay off my debts from a string of mooching exes.

This crazy lie was a win-win for both of us. How could I say no?


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Author Bio
Kat Addams is a forever twenty-nine-year-old fashionista
following her lifelong dream of writing contemporary romance inspired by the
exotic men she meets in her worldly travels. At least, that’s what she would
like for you to think. She’s certainly not a stay-at-home mom indulging in
excessive daydreaming, frozen pizzas, an unhealthy addiction to purchasing
pajamas, and one too many cocktails on the regular. That’s some other romance
author. The poor thing probably has to sneak away upstairs to write her dirty
stories! What would her family think? Thankfully, that’s not Kat!



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Crystal has dreams for the future that exceed beyond her career as a pole dancer, but desperate times call for desperate measures and she has bills to pay. What she wasn’t expecting was for one of her patrons to hold the solution to her problem.

Weston has dreams for the future as well and they include taking over the family business. If that means proving to his parents that he can be trusted by having a pretend wife then that is a sacrifice he is willing to make and who better than Crystal to fill that role.

Humorous banter, intense chemistry and two people who come together under the most unlikely of circumstances find what they didn’t know they were missing in each other. When you add in the eclectic group of secondary characters this story is sure to please.


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