Title:  The Price of Passion
Author: Maureen Child
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2020
Is their red-hot reunion
too good to be true?

Broken trust is hard to rebuild.

But temptation is even harder to deny…

Wealthy rancher Camden Guthrie is back in Royal to rebuild his life and join the prestigious Texas Cattleman’s Club. To become a member, the widower needs help from Beth Wingate, the woman who shattered his heart fifteen years ago. Their attraction flares as strong as ever—but will long-buried secrets threaten a future with Beth all over again?

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Despite their very different upbringings as teenagers Cam and Beth fell in love and were planning their future together until Beth caved to pressure from her father and told Cam that they needed a little time apart which he took to mean that they were over.   In hindsight Beth believes it was the best decision  she could have made as shortly thereafter he left town married.

Fifteen years later Cam has returned to his hometown after the death of his wife.   From the first time that he and Beth see each other again the chemistry and connection between them is stronger than ever.   Will they be able to heal from the misunderstandings of the past and live the life they planned or are they destined to end in heartbreak once again?

Every time that Cam and Beth were together the sparks flew but dealing with the past and learning to trust each other again was the biggest challenge they had to overcome.

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