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Life comes at you when you least expect it…

Katie Belle Wilson is a single mom. At twenty-six, she’s busting her hump to get her master’s in Early Childhood Education. Her pet project, Cupid Is Calling was supposed to help her study people and how letter writing could connect them. Little did she know she was to become a participant and perhaps find the one thing she’s always craved but never gained… Love.

What if a driven single mom lets a sweet and caring widower into her world?

Rest assured it’s nothing short of Bee-u-tiful.



stupid cupid 270 5X8


Katie has her hands full between being a single mother to her daughter Katie Belle, her job as a teacher and finishing her education. When she comes up with the idea to help her students enhance their writing skills by matching up members of the community with pen pals, she never imagined that she would start receiving letters as well.

When his wife passed away Noah was not only a single father, but he now finds himself a grandfather as well. He meets Katie as she is Jeremy and Mark’s, his twin sons, teacher and although neither was looking for love sometimes it happens when you least expect it.

Their journey is filled with emotion, secrets and family. It ends in a happy for now and I look to forward to seeing what the future holds not only for this couple but for the secondary characters as well.

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