The One-Night Stand Next Door is a free prequel to upcoming accidental pregnancy romcom The Girl Next Door and is available for download now!


Look, I didn’t go out of my way to sleep with my next-door neighbor.
It just happened.
On the counter. Over the counter. Probably under it, too, if we hadn’t moved it to the bedroom.
But take it from me: a one night stand with your neighbor?
It’s not all it’s cracked up to be…

The One Night Stand Next Door is a short, flirty, and dirty prequel to The Girl Next Door. You don’t have to read it before you dive in to The Girl Next Door, but why wouldn’t you?

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Ivy may be attracted to her neighbor Kai but acting on those feelings and dealing with the subsequent awkwardness they would feel every time they saw each other again makes it a line she isn’t prepared to cross.

A resident’s birthday party, a few tequila shots too many and Kai’s powers of persuasion leads to a steamy night that they won’t ever be able to forget.

The humorous and heated interactions between Ivy and Kai leave us wanting more of their story.    Let the fun begin!

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