Release Date: July 22
Life at its most complete is still unexpected.
Reid Bowen ruined her life and he is the one person she trusted. She had no business getting involved with him.
Sienna Parker is the only girl he’s ever wanted and now he’s lost her. But he will stop at nothing to win her back.
Forced together by circumstance, Sienna’s heart will be tested, but it’s Reid who must risk it all to protect them both. 
With their future at stake, it’s the unexpected that changes their lives. 
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Sienna is still reeling from the fact that she believes that not only wasn’t Reid honest with her, but he has played some part in the events that occurred. Although Reid is hurt that Sienna doesn’t trust him, he won’t stop until he has proven to both her and Caleb, her brother and his best friend, that they are family where it really matters which is in their hearts.

In this part of the duet we get to see not only the relationship that Reid and Sienna share but the relationship between Reid and Caleb as well. They are like the three musketeers who are one for all and all for one so even though their relationship was tested it has only made the bond between them that much stronger. This story takes us on an emotional journey that not only has us invested in Sienna and Reid’s happy ever but wanting the same for Caleb.

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Life at its simplest is still complicated. 
Reid Bowen is her brother’s best friend and the biggest womanizer on campus. She has no business wanting him.
Sienna Parker is forbidden and the sweetest fruit he can never taste. But if he can’t have her, no one can.
Forced together by a road trip home, it will not only test their patience, but also their resolve to stay away from each other.
Bound by their past, it’s the complicated that changes their lives.
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Meet Claire Raye
Not only is Claire Raye a really sweet pen name, it’s actually a pen name for two sarcastic best friends who met through their mutual love of reading. After bonding over books (and wine and cheese), Claire and Raye decided to take the plunge and see if they could write a book together and ta dah… The Rockport Beach Series was born! In addition to their shared love of food and dropping an occasional (read: a lot) of f bombs, the writing duo that is Claire Raye like to write about strong sassy females who aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind and the overprotective men who fall in love with them.
Writing The Rockport Beach Novels was so much fun, even if book two needed a shared vacation, a stolen bottle of champagne and far too much vodka and POG to get it back on track! Both halves of Claire Raye are married and both of their husbands have a cheeky side that gets plenty of airtime in their books. From their smart mouths to their witty one-liners, there’s plenty of material to use for all those alpha males Claire and Raye love to write about.
While Claire and Raye aren’t sure they’ll ever reveal who they really are – there’s just something about your co-workers knowing you write erotic love scenes that makes having a pen name that much easier – they are definitely going to keep on writing. With several more books out since the Rockport Beach Series released, Claire and Raye are constantly chatting new ideas, new plots and of course, their next couple! So stick around, there’s so much exciting stuff to share with you all!


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