From author Zoe York, comes RECKLESS AT HEART (The Kincaids of Pine Harbour Book 1)



“Daddy, I’m pregnant.”

The last three words Owen Kincaid ever wanted to hear from his teenage daughter. The firefighter knows how hard it is to have a kid when you’re still a kid yourself. He did it, and now eighteen years later, history is repeating itself. To say he’s beating himself up is an understatement. The last thing he needs is to fall head-over-heels in lust with his daughter’s midwife.

Kerry Humphrey hates her new client’s father. She has no reason to hate him, except for the fact he’s tall and brooding and always there, hovering in the background of appointments. And the crackle of chemistry every time their eyes meet. She hates that, too.

Everything about their attraction is ill-fated. But it won’t go away.


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tobehis - my review

Owen doesn’t regret becoming a teenage father to Becca but now that she is preparing for college he is beginning to look forward to the freedom that he never experienced until his daughter rocks both their worlds when she tells him that he is about to become a grandfather.

Kerry has recently moved to town to be closer to her best friend and is Becca’s midwife. From their first meeting the sparks of antagonism fly but they are just masking the attraction that they are both determined to deny due to the professional relationship.

Once their professional relationship comes to an end a personal one begins and although they were at different points in their lives they prove that with love anything is possible. This is a heartwarming story about love, family and the true to life challenges that we all face.



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