Release Date: August 13


Saint Fredericks is known well by women for one thing: His big, thick…well, you know what.
His clients know that when they get a night with him, they are about to be the luckiest women on earth. 
But when Saint meets a client who rocks his world and gives him the ride of his life, he feels no other woman can compare to her and that changes everything he’s thought about his future.
Lauren Montgomery has never forgotten the day she met Saint. He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man, but she realizes he comes with a catch. Still, she’s wanted to be alone in a room with him for months, and when Saint confirms a “service” appointment with her at a luxury hotel, she is ready to own the night with him.
After a monumental night that neither of them can forget, Saint makes it his mission to find Lauren. And when he does get a hold of her, they both agree to meet again, only this time, Saint has one goal: to please Lauren in every way and to make her all his, no matter how much it breaks his rules.
Soon, they’ll both come to realize that they could have more, but with his line of work and her rising reputation around the city, will they be able to make a relationship work?
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Meet the Kylie King

Kylie King is a soccer mom by day, and a writer of ridiculously smutty romances by night. She loves reading, swimming, and mixed drinks that includes lots of rum. 

All of her books are quick and hot, with over-the-top fantasies that probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously.Connect with Kylie King


Lauren was not having a good night when a stranger came to her rescue. After that evening, she decided to find out who he was and now that her efforts have paid off and she is sure that the evening they will spend together will be a night she will never forget.

Saint enjoys his career and is confident when it comes to women but after spending the night with Lauren, he wants it to be a beginning and not an end. Now he just needs to find out who she is and convince her of the same.

The chemistry between them is off the charts and Saint isn’t about to let anything come between them.


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