Get Over You by Skylar Hunter is now live!



I shouldn’t have come back…but I couldn’t stay away.

They call me a football god. A legend in the making.

After winning back-to-back championships with Baltimore, I shocked the world when I decided to take my talents elsewhere. But not just anywhere. Back to the town I despised growing up.

Because that’s where she is. The girl who stole my heart when we were kids.

She’s all grown up and more beautiful than ever, living her best life as a popular sports reporter.

I hate her for what she did to me.

She didn’t just break my heart. She crushed it beneath her sneakered foot and burned it to ashes.

She wrecked me. But I’m still not over her.

I can have any woman I want with a crook of my finger.

I want her. Only her.

Call me crazy. Call me obsessed.

Both would apply.

I blew up my whole world for her. Because I want her back in my life. Back in my bed.

And yeah, I want a little revenge . . . .

Get Over You is the first book in the new Dare Me Series, an interconnected contemporary romance series.



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Reyes is a professional football player who is at the top of his game when he leaves the successful team he is playing for to return and play for his hometown team which will bring him closer to his family and the only girl he has ever loved.

It’s been years since Emerson and Reyes’s relationship ended in heartbreak but when they reunite they soon find out that neither time not distance has diminished their feelings for each other. She is now the reporter covering the team so avoiding each other is not an option but will this be their second chance or is the pain of the past too much to overcome?

This is an emotional story about two people who have always belonged together but first they must deal with the misconceptions of the past.


Meet Skylar

Skylar Hunter is an author of scorching contemporary romance. Hot alpha heroes and double fudge brownies make her weak in the knees. She loves to write deeply emotional romances that stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with her family, catching up on her favorite shows, and watching pet videos (anything with kittens is like catnip to her). As a new author on the scene, she looks forward to interacting with readers and gaining lifelong fans. Please sign up for her newsletter and look her up on social media.

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