Finding Our Foreverđź’śRelease Blitz

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Title: Finding Our Forever Series Boxset
Author: Alandra Knight

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 25, 2020


What if the great love of your life died unfairly? 
What if everything you dreamed of went up in flames? 
What if everything you thought you knew about your life was a fallacy? 
Jaxson, Xander, Trent, and Liam Brentwood maybe the hottest single men in Morgan Springs, Colorado, but their lives are far from perfect. 
Being single dads and holding down high demanding full-time jobs doesn’t leave much time for anything or anyone else. 
What if you found love when you weren’t looking for it? 
What if that person’s life collides with yours even though their past is heavy too? 
Would you let the past stop you? 
Would you take the risk if it meant finding your forever?

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$5.99 for a limited time!
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I am Alandra Knight. I write real feel romance with a healthy side of steam. I run on sarcasm, fueled by coffee. 

I was born and raised in Ohio. Before I became an author, I was an event planner, so I tend to love a good party. I enjoy writing, crafting and hanging out with my readers over in my official hangout.



Second Time Around – For the past four years Jaxon has been trying to heal from the tragic death of his wife and be the best father that he can for his twin daughters Zinnia and Lily. No other woman had inspired his interest until Kelli came into his life and although their journey wasn’t without its obstacles, they showed with love anything is possible.

Handcuffed To You – When Zander’s wife passed away he was devastated as he now finds himself a single father to his sons but he pushes his grief aside to help his wife’s best friend try to heal. Their relationship is fraught with so much emotion as they try to uncover the truth of the past so that they can have a future together.

Stacked Against Us – Trent has endured so much loss and heartbreak in his life, but he had to pick up the pieces for the sake of his daughters. When he meets Kimberly, he begins to hope that he can finally have the happiness he deserves but it won’t be easy as first he must overcome the past.

Let Me Love You More – Mia has not had an easy time between an abusive ex and her children whose needs are greater than most. Liam is a single father to his sons and is not only Mia’s boss but her brother’s best friend as well. They are kindred souls as they both understand the struggles of being single parents and Liam is determined to show her that they are so much stronger together than apart.

I really enjoyed the time I spent getting to know the Brentwood brothers and their families.

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