Hail Mary 🏈 Release Blitz

Title: Hail Mary
A Quick Snap Collection Novella:
Championship Edition
Author: Loni Ree
Publisher: Lady Boss Press
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2021


One play will determine the rest of my life.

It’s a long shot.
A Hail Mary pass.
But I have a better chance of my bum knee magically healing itself than at winning back the girl I stupidly gave up.
I made a mistake and let her get away from me once.
I won’t be that careless this time.
When an injury ends my career on the field, I start over as a coach.
Moving to Seattle brings Molly back into my life and I want a new beginning with her, too.
I realize my injury is a blessing in disguise. I was never going to find the missing piece of my soul on the football field, because that missing piece was always her. I was just too young and stupid to see it.

I need her back.

I’m putting everything I have into this one last shot.
It’s up to Molly to decide if my Hail Mary turns out to be a fumble or a touchdown…

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Loni is a busy mom of six who spends her free time
writing steamy stories about over the top heroes who find the right woman to
tame them. Her stories are a little over the top because she believes reading
should be an escape from real life. She lives in the Midwest with her wonderful
husband, the two kids still at home, and a zoo of animals, including Beau, her
beloved French Bulldog.


After a career ending injury Barrett finds himself back in Seattle where he is now the offensive coach. A chance encounter with the first and only woman he loved that ended badly makes him realize what is truly important and now he just needs to convince her.

Molly accepts responsibility for her part in the breakup but that doesn’t diminish the pain for way they broke up. She isn’t about to make the same mistake twice but his matchmaking Nana has other ideas.

Humor and heat as Barrett and Molly finally get the future they both deserve that was years in the making.

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