I write bestselling steamy romance novels.
But I’ve hit a wall in my current work in progress.
I need to find my mojo again. The cozy cottage nestled in the small town in Ireland seems like the ideal place to do that. Until I walk in and come face to face with my insanely hot one night stand.
Sexy and broody Shane Brody insists he owns the place and it wasn’t up for rent.
I have proof otherwise.
He won’t leave.
I have nowhere to go.
Two weeks stuck together with my fling…
It sounds like a set-up for one of my romance novels. These things don’t happen in real life.
Yet, the intense chemistry between us is off the charts.
The passion…very real.
Can I open my heart to a second chance at love and my own happily ever after?
Irresistibly Irish is a swoon worthy older woman younger man romance with a hot AF Irish artist and a sassy romance novelist that will melt your panties right off. Guaranteed HEA. No cheating. No cliffhanger.
*A complete standalone in the Getting Lucky series.*

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After Ciara found out that all the plans she had for the future were nothing but a lie she never expected that a trip to museum would lead to one night with a sexy Irishman that she can’t forget. She never expected to see him again but a need to get some inspiration for the book she is writing and a misunderstanding has her sharing living space with the man she never thought to see again.
Shane is an artist who has rented his home out in the past and although he had his misgivings when he found out about his unexpected guest, he soon realized that it might just be the best thing to ever happen to them. There is no denying the chemistry and connection between them and now they just need to overcome the other challenges they are facing.

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