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FOOTNOTE by Alexa Gregory

Release Date: September 13, 2021


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A moving second-chance romance where hope can turn history into a footnote.

Sasha Covey needs a rewrite. Or a really big eraser. Her past doesn’t belong in the life she’s trying to rebuild. Her future—and her recovery—depend on a fresh start. Moving to Colebury seems like the perfect test until Penley Brooks waltzes into the Busy Bean. The handsome veterinarian is just as charming as when she fell for him a decade ago. Memories come flooding back, and their connection is as potent as ever.

Trouble is, Sasha has good reason to keep her distance. Her recovery is still new, and the single dad has wounds of his own. After years of being an afterthought, Penley’s goals are finally within reach. As much as she aches to reconnect, Sasha won’t stand in the way of his dreams.

Somehow, that all melts away whenever she’s with Penley. Together, dreaming is a little easier.

But dreams don’t always survive in the real world. Not when the past comes knocking.

Footnote is a standalone small-town romance set in the True North world.

Sasha has been battling a long-time illness and believes that the only way to prove to herself that she is recovering is by returning to the place and the person who had a large part in what happened. She has taken a one-year hiatus from her life and is working at the Busy Bean when Penley comes back into her life.

Penley and Sasha shared a special relationship as teenagers until life tore them apart. Not only is he the town vet but he is going through a difficult time as he tries to be there for his son. The feelings between them haven’t diminished over time but with both of them having so much going on in their lives they are in for a bumpy ride.

Both Penley and Sasha still bear the emotional scars of their past which causes some turmoil, but they are so supportive of each other as they fight for their second chance.

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