Pressure Point ⚽️ Available Now

Pressure Point by Claire Hastings is live.
Get your sexy sports romance fix today!


How high does the pressure get inside the friend zone? This goalkeeper is about to find out…

Moving to America forced Liam Daley to leave almost everything behind in Ireland – his family, his team, and his dreams about what might have been. Now on a mission to prove that he’s more than second string as a member of the Atlanta Rising Football Club, there’s only one thing distracting him: the team’s charming and quirky physical therapist, who just happens to be crushing on the hotshot rookie Dash Lazaro.

Avery Houghton is living her dream working for the Atlanta Rising. In fact, life would be perfect if she could just score a date with her dream guy. But overcoming her natural awkwardness is unlikely, and her insecurities aren’t doing her any favors either. She’s desperate for help, and who better to teach her how to attract a football star than another football star?

As Avery’s reluctant partner in crime, Liam hopes to show her that she doesn’t need to change for any man. But simply telling Avery how he really feels seems impossible. While Avery gets closer to everything she thinks she wants, Liam starts to feel the pressure. Will he be forced to pass when he’s finally ready to make a play for her heart?


Liam has moved to the US to play football for the Atlanta Rising and get a fresh start. He is enchanted by the team’s physiotherapist and her quirky personality but all she wants is his teammate Dash. When she asks for his help in getting Dash’s attention he is all in as it allows him to spend time with her as he tries to show her that the man she really needs in her life is him.

Avery is uncomfortable in social situations and her way of rambling is endearing. She has the perfect plan to win Dash but as she spends time with Liam it isn’t Dash she can’t stop thinking about but will she realize what she could be losing by pursuing what she thinks she wants before it is too late?

Liam is exactly who Avery needs in his life as he appreciates her for the woman she is not the woman she thinks she needs to be and if anyone deserves a happy ever after it is Liam.

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About Claire:
Claire Hastings is a walking, talking awkward moment. She loves Diet Coke, gummi bears, the beach, and books (obvs). When not reading she can usually be found hanging with friends at a soccer match or grabbing food (although she probably still has a book in her purse). She and her husband live in Atlanta with their fur-child Denali.

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