The Casanova ★✩★ Available Now

Title:  The Casanova (The Miles High Club Book 3)
Author: TL Swan
Release Date: August 26, 2021

In T L Swan’s steamy third installment of the Miles High Club, Kate’s hot new pen pal is a welcome distraction from her horrible boss. But nobody is as distracting as Elliot Miles…and he knows it.

My favorite hobby is infuriating Elliot Miles. Just the sight of my boss’s handsome face triggers my sarcasm. God knows how he earns his Casanova reputation—if a million women want him with his personality, what the heck am I doing wrong?

Disgusted with my love life, I join a dating app under a fake name. I start chatting to a man named Edgar. He’s not my type and lives on the other side of the world, but we hit off a friendship, laugh and confide in each other.

But lately things are getting weird at work. Elliot’s being…attentive. His eyes linger a little longer than they should, and there’s a heat behind them that I haven’t felt before. And then, in the shock of all shocks, he tells me that my vulnerability is appealing. But when was I vulnerable?

Horror dawns…Has my boss been reading my emails to Edgar?

Damn it, why did I use my work email?

Oh no, does he know what I really think of him? I’d rather die than ever admit it.

Or, even worse: is it possible that the man I loathe in real life is the man I’m falling for online?

The Casanova (The Miles High Club Book 3) by [T L Swan]
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Elliot is the CEO of Miles Media and a man who is used to getting what he wants both personally and professionally. He is well accustomed to the battles that he often finds himself in with Kate but when he unexpectedly sees a different side to her he is intrigued except a different complication arises when he starts to see her as a woman rather than his irritating employee.

Kate handles IT at Miles Media, and she has perfected the art of annoying him. She finds him entitled, confident and he infuriates her like no other. Although their reasons are very different neither is looking for love or a relationship but every time they are together the sparks fly and the parameters of their arrangement get pushed a little more until Elliot makes a choice that could destroy everything.

The banter between them is entertaining and the chemistry is hot. The one thing these characters do is make you feel especially when it comes to Elliot as at times he will make you swoon and at times you will want to push him out the door but in the end he does atone for his actions.

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