The Lawyer 🎧 Now On Audio

The Lawyer by Marni Mann is available now on audio!

The Lawyer: The Dalton Brothers, Book 1


I’m not the type of girl who picks up a man on a rooftop bar — not the type who lets a man’s hands roam my body, discovering I have no panties on, never the girl who has hours’ worth of o’s from a smoking-hot one-night stand. But Dominick makes it so easy to say yes.

His body, his moves, and his oh-so-wicked tongue have me saying it over and over again. Yes, please. Yes, more. Yes, right there. He worships every inch of my body, and I’m still sore the next morning when I meet him again.

This time, he’s Mr. Dalton, my sister’s cutthroat entertainment lawyer. And he has a proposition for me. He wants to make me famous. Of course, that means sharing a screen with my wildly jealous sister. It means giving up my career. It means the whole world will suddenly know everything about me. And that presents one catastrophic problem: Dominick doesn’t date famous people. So do I take a chance at becoming a Hollywood star, or do I pass up the opportunity to be with the man who gave me a taste of forever?


Dominick and his brothers are partners in a law firm, and he has created quite a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. He doesn’t have the time or patience for a relationship but when he meets Kendall at a social event, they share a steamy evening unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Kendall finds herself in town to be the assistant to her celebrity sister and her understanding and kindness is something you can only admire. When she shows up to a business meeting with her the last person she expected to see again was the man she shared an unforgettable night with. He now wants to make her a star which means that their night will only ever be a memory not be repeated, right?

The chemistry between these two radiates off the pages. Kendall is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet and so unprepared for what is about to happen to her life while Dominick is not about to let her flounder and is beside her every step of the way. The narrators did a great job of bring the characters and their story to life.

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