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Sweet Home Cowboy by [Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates, Jackie Ashenden, Caitlin Crews]

Title: Sweet Home Cowboy

Authors:  Nicole Helm, Maisey Yates, Jackie Ashenden & Caitlin Crews

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Sweet Home Cowboy:

Four half sisters create the family they’ve always dreamed of in this enchanting quartet from bestselling authors Maisey Yates, Nicole HelmJackie Ashenden and Caitlin Crews.

The Hathaway sisters might have grown up apart, but when they agree to move to Jasper Creek, Oregon, to revitalize their grandfather’s farm, it seems a straightforward decision. Until they meet their neighborhood cowboys…

Sweet-natured Teddy has never met a man worth taking a risk on, until now. Tomboy Joey has more affinity with farm equipment than men, until a brooding cowboy changes her mind. Prickly baker Georgie can’t resist the temptation of the most forbidden cowboy of all, and sparks fly between ceramicist Elliot and the grumpy single-dad rancher next door.

The sisters’ feelings are anything but simple, but with the love and support of each other, they discover that a cowboy might be the sweetest thing of all about coming home.

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This is a heartwarming story which features four novellas by four different authors about Teddy, Joey, Georgie and Elliott. These four women all share the same father, but different mothers and they meet each other when they were teenagers. Even though there was a physical distance between them they shared an emotional connection so when their grandfather needs them, they don’t hesitate to put their lives on hold to be there for them.

The sisters are very different as well as their stories, but they were always there to support each other not only when it comes to their grandfather but also when love comes into their lives. Great characters combined with humor, heart and all the feels are sure to keep you entertained.

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