A Chance Encounter 🍼 Now Available

Title: A Chance Encounter 
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Single Mom, Surprise Pregnancy, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2022 
★★★★★ My Girlfriends Nook Korner – “Easton Blackwood is my new Book BoyfriendI devoured this book, it was that good.”

★★★★★ Kay Daniels Romance – “Wonderful, perfect, and contains the best book boyfriend ever!!”

★★★★★ Sexy Book Divas – “Top Read of the year!”

★★★★★ PP’s Bookshelf – “A Chance Encounter by Nikki Ash is a perfect mix of angsty emotions, fierce chemistry and sweet feels. This single mom, surprise pregnancy and rockstar romance seriously made me feel every single feel.”

When I was eighteen, I fell in love, but he didn’t love me back. The day he found out about my pregnancy, I found out about his fiancée.
He warned if I ever told anyone, he would destroy me. So I kept the pregnancy a secret and disappeared.
Being scorned has left me jaded, but it’s also made me stronger. All my love and attention is focused on raising my daughter.
There isn’t room in our lives, or in my heart, for anyone else… until a chance encounter with Easton Blackwood changes everything.
Music has always been my one true love, but when a stunningly beautiful woman saves me from a killer bee, it just might be love at first sight.
One minute she’s slapping me with her flip-flop and the next we’re naked in my bed. With every kiss, every touch, I have no doubt Sophia could be the one, until she dashes from my bed without a trace.
After weeks of our time together replaying in my mind, she appears back in my life, with a confession that sends my world into a tailspin.
She thinks the bomb she’s dropped will send me running, but she’s wrong. The last guy might have done that, but I’ll fight for her, for our love, for our family. And I’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s mine.
Sophia has been hurt by love in the past, but she picked up the pieces and moved forward. She is at a good place in her life as her daughter Kendall is her world, she is almost finished college and then will intern at a law office. The last thing she needs is to be distracted by a sexy stranger but what’s the harm in enjoying one afternoon with him.
Easton is a successful musician who is enchanted by Sophia from the moment they met and was disappointed when he had no way of contacting her. When circumstances bring them back together he is determined to prove that not only she but her daughter Kendall are meant to be and he isn’t about to let anyone or anything stand in their way.
Easton is everything you could want in a man and so much more. Every action he takes is to make things easier for Sophie and his relationship with Kendall is endearing. Although Sophia was cautious there was no doubt Easton wasn’t going to win her heart and yours as well.

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