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Ballsy by Elise Faber is now available!
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Kailey Henderson dealt in code.

Well, code, social anxiety, and online gaming.

What she didn’t deal in was sexy hockey players.

And she certainly didn’t deal in sexy hockey players like Connor Smith. He was brass. He was loud. He was funny and charming and…ballsy.

Kailey was about the furthest thing from ballsy someone could find.

Connor didn’t seem to care. From the moment she’d showed up at the rink to help her friend set up a player development program for the Baltimore Breakers, he had led a campaign to win her heart.

The thing was, Kailey didn’t actually want her heart to be won, and the more Connor campaigned, the more she resisted. And…the more she resisted and argued and pushed back, the more she found out that she actually could be ballsy.

And the worst thing about that?

It made Connor campaign even harder.

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Elise Faber, loves chocolate, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and hockey (the order depending on the day and how well her team—the Sharks!—are playing). She and her husband also play as much hockey as they can squeeze into their schedules, so much so that their typical date night is spent on the ice. Elise changes her hair color more often than some people change their socks, loves sparkly things, and is the mom to two exuberant boys.

She lives in Northern California. Connect with her in her Facebook group, the Fabinators or email her at
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Smitty is a force both on and off the ice. He is outgoing, bold and totally enchanted by Kailey who wants nothing to do with him but rather than being deterred by her determination to keep a distance between them it only makes him want her more. Once he finds out the reason, he will do whatever he can to make thing easier for her and that he wants her just the way she is.

Kailey struggles in social situation and is only comfortable when it comes to those she knows well. She may be attracted to Smitty but she doesn’t believe that with her issues she could ever be part of his life, but she is about to find out she couldn’t be more wrong.

Although Smitty and Kailey have very different personalities and lifestyles they balance each other to perfection. They both have turmoil from their past to conquer but they love each other for who they are which is what makes their relationship so special.

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