Holding 🏒 New Release


Holding by Kristine Allen

The Iced Series

Photographer: Eric McKinney 6:12 Photography

Model: Philip

Cover Design: Avery Kingston

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Link: https://books2read.com/Holding

🔥 Blurb:

The fourth book in the Iced Series! This is Jordan Beck’s story, the goaltender for the Austin Amurs.

Holding: When a player grabs another player’s body, sweater, or stick, to prevent them from getting to the puck.

I’m Jordan Beck, goaltender for the Austin Amurs. Holding is my penalty. In my defense, if they get in my crease, they’re fair game.

Hockey runs in my blood—literally. Four generations of NHL goaltender greats gives me damn near royalty status, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Living up to legends can be exhausting. It can also make it difficult to trust women and their motives.

Until Blair.

She had no idea who I was and adamantly refused a relationship—it was perfect.

What sounded good in the beginning quickly got muddled, and before I knew it, we had crossed more lines than an iced puck. Then it all went to sh*t when my ex showed up with my baby on the way. Thinking I was doing the right thing, I ended things with Blair.

Worst mistake ever—I’m miserable. My game is suffering, my team is pissed at me, and I’m on the chopping block if I can’t pull out of it. If I can find a way to get her back, I’m holding onto her with both hands.

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