The Salvation Society ★★★ Available Now




Are you ready to return to Corinne Michaels’ Salvation series world?!?


THE SALVATION SOCIETY is a collection of books written by various authors, filled with Navy SEALs, strong heroines, CIA operatives, and so much more!!! Check out who is featured in the 18th set!!!




This set features:

Survivor by D.M. Earl

Uncharted by Leigh Adams

Forgiven by Ember Dante


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Featuring: Mark and Charlie

Genre/Trope: Romantic suspense




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Survivor (The Salvation Society)


How can the dream of a lifetime of service as a Navy SEAL be over when one mission goes straight to Hell? How do you handle being told your future is over and you’re half the man you were? After dedicating his life to the Navy SEALs, a devastated Ollie wakes up in a military hospital only to be told his career is over. Shattered, he struggles for answers with no explanation or solace for those men lost. Dismissed and sent home to recover from his injuries and restart his life, Ollie goes to the one person who always has his back, Onyx his sister.


Watching Ollie deteriorate, Onyx calls a college friend, whose husband owns a company that employs service people, concentrating on those cut loose for whatever reason. A flight to North Carolina may be Ollie’s only chance to find himself not only a new start but also the tools necessary to move forward.


Paisley gave it her all but after her last relationship almost killed her, literally, her passion is now focused on her veterinary clinic and the small rescue shelter for unwanted animals she started.


Desperate for help, Ollie stumbles on the town vet. When their eyes meet for the first time, he feels like a bolt of electricity runs through him. Something about the tiny pixie draws his interest and the more time they spend together the more he wants.


When push comes to shove, can Ollie and Paisley survive beyond the difficulties in their lives to come together, or will their future be overshadowed forever?



UNCHARTED by Leigh Adams

Featuring: All the boys and Catherine

Genre/Trope: Second Chance




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I do not have time for a blind date. But that’s exactly what I find myself on, thanks to my meddling friend.


The worst part is that it’s with a guy I already met—and was kind of a jerk. A very hot jerk who works for Cole Security Forces, but still . . . I have much more important things to do, like finding the killer who took my partner on the police force.


On this date, Tyler isn’t a jerk. He’s funny, sweet, and makes my heart race when he looks at me from across the table. Neither of us want anything serious, and we agree to no strings attached.


We both should’ve known better. Nothing in our line of work ever goes as planned. When I get a break in my case, I know I have to tread carefully. Already there are feelings between us, ones we didn’t anticipate. He has my heart, and that’s a danger to us both.


When I go undercover to catch the killer, I have no choice but to keep Tyler in the dark and break both our hearts in the process.


Love is uncharted territory, and I hope we don’t get lost trying to find our way back.



FORGIVEN by Ember Dante

Featuring: Ben

Genre/Trope: Best friend’s stepbrother




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Alek Pierce is recovering from injuries sustained during a routine training exercise gone wrong. Aside from jeopardizing his future as a Navy aviator, the experience reinforced his belief that military life and having a family don’t mix. Alek wants to get back in the air and maintain the status quo. A relationship isn’t on his radar.


But when he meets Shannon, he slowly begins to question everything he once believed to be true.


Shannon McKenzie has sworn off relationships for her own reasons. She yearns for love, but two devastating failures convinced her that she’s better off alone. She concentrates on her career as a vet, believing that animals are easier to deal with than people.


Until the day Alek visits the clinic with his mother’s dog, and her world is turned upside-down.


Shannon is immediately smitten with the handsome Navy pilot, but she’s heard the stories about Alek’s womanizing ways. He’s also her best friend’s stepbrother, and for that reason alone, he should be off-limits.


As the two stitch together a tenuous friendship, Shannon can’t resist Alek’s charm, and a glimmer of hope begins to form.


Can they overcome their combined baggage, or are they both too jaded to make a fresh start?


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