The Alias and the Altar 💙 Available Now

Release Date: June 17

The moment I kissed my wife, I knew I was in trouble.

A stoic, dangerous man with ties to the Mafia has no business keeping a gorgeous ray of sunshine like her, but she was scared and I was desperate.


On the run, we land at a secluded ranch designed to protect federal witnesses. As long as everyone believes we’re married, she won’t have to testify against me for killing the man who put his hands on her.


But the longer we pretend, the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur. My eyes linger a second too long. My hands soften on her skin. My kiss, a little too demanding.


Before I can help it, our pretending extends behind closed doors and our relationship begins to feel very, very real.


My plan is to hide out until I know she’s safe. 


Set her up for life and disappear, but I’m drawn to the way she breathes life into me without even trying. A better man would walk away.


But I never claimed to be a better man.



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Parker may not have always made the best choices, but his intentions were good. When events unfold that place both him and Sienna in danger he will do anything to protect her and that includes hiding out on a ranch and a marriage of convenience.
Sienna finds herself embroiled in a situation through no fault of her own however she chooses to embrace it as an adventure rather than complain about how her life was upended. Sienna’s outgoing personality breaks through Parker’s attempts to distance himself and the result is both humorous, heartwarming and entertaining.
There is so much more to Parker than first appears and Sienna is perfect for him in every way as she brings fun and happiness to his life even though they find themselves in a less than ideal situation.
Meet Lena Hendrix

Hi there! I’m Lena. 

I write hot-as-sin small town romance novels. My love of romance started with my grandmother’s Harlequin paperbacks and now I write stories full of heart, heat, and plenty of strong Alphas with marshmallow insides-I like my coffee hot and my heroes hotter!


I’m a midwest gal and live with my husband, three children, and two derpy Australian Cattle Dogs. When I’m not writing or devouring new novels, you can find me hiking, camping, fishing, and sipping a spicy margarita!


Want to hang out? Find me in my FB group Modern Belles: Steamy Romance Readers

To learn more about Lena and her books, visit here
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