Would You Be Mine? πŸͺ΅ Cover Reveal

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WOOD YOU BE MINE? A Grumpy Lumberjack Romance (Lovewell Lumberjacks Book 1)  by Daphne Elliot releases on February 2nd. We are so excited to share this gorgeous cover with you!!! 

Preorder WOOD YOU BE MINE? A Grumpy Lumberjack Romance (Lovewell Lumberjacks Book 1) today!!! 


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The first time I met the grumpy lumberjack next door, I almost burnt down his cabin. 

The second time, I was throwing tampons at a moose (don’t ask). 

The third time, I was naked. 

And Henri Gagnon is not just my neighbor and landlord, but a pain in my optimistic, plus sized ass. He’s got a protective streak under his grumpy exterior and he’s convinced I won’t last through the Maine winter. 

I’m going to show him and the rest of this small town that they’re wrong. I have one year to prove myself as the new elementary school principal or I’ll be getting the ax. So I just don’t have time to pine away for the grumpy lumberjack next door, no matter how good he looks chopping wood in his suspenders or the way he growls when he calls me buttercup. 

But soon I’m falling headfirst down a hill, and into a full blown crush when he carries me home. He’s distracted trying to save his family’s lumber business, and I’ve got a school to run, and this small town is not as sleepy as it seems. But despite our differences, the heat between us makes it hard to stay away. 

Could we actually be right for each other? What happens if I ask him if he Wood Be Mine?

Author’s Note: Wood You Be Mine is a standalone, full length, small town romance featuring a grumpy lumberjack hero with a heart of gold and a plus sized, sunshine school principal trying to survive in the woods of northern Maine. If you enjoy flirty banter, ax throwing, wood chopping, and slow dancing, come meet the Lovewell Lumberjacks. 

Series Blurb:

Welcome to Lovewell Maine, where the moose outnumber the people and you can’t swing an ax without hitting a hot, grumpy lumberjack. Filled with humor, heart and heat, the Lovewell Lumberjacks will melt Kindles in 2023. 

Photographer: Jane Ashley Converse

Cover Designer: Sarah at Enchanting Designs  

Find more books by Daphne Elliot here: https://www.amazon.com/Daphne-Elliot/e/B08WS3DR3Q

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In High School, Daphne Elliot was voted β€œmost likely to become a romance novelist.” After spending the last decade as a corporate lawyer, she has finally embraced her destiny. Her small town steamy novels are filled with flirty banter, sexy hijinks, and lots and lots of heart.

Daphne is a coffee-drinking, hot-sauce loving introvert who spends all her free time in her garden. She lives on a small farm in New England with her husband, two kids, two dogs, twelve backyard chickens and a hive of Italian honey bees.


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