Personal Foul 🏈 Available Now

 Release Date: January 26

I’m her dirty little secret, the one she loves to hate.

She knows just what to say to cut deep, and I know how to press every single button she has.
We hate each other, until one night after I lose the biggest football game of the year. 
When she offers the kind of mercy I need. 
It changes everything… until the next morning.
Now I’m her dirty little secret, and she’s avoiding me like the plague. 

Which makes it difficult when we get partnered on a project 
and we’re stuck on a couple’s trip with our friends.

The tension between us is sky high. 
So I propose a way to lower it: enemies with benefits.
One hotel room. A few days. A chance to let our little “hateship” run its course. 

Except when it’s unexpectedly cut short, I’m not ready to give her up. 
And I think I might be a bad habit she can’t quit, despite how smart she is.

But we have bigger problems, and both of our post-college careers are on the line.
I’m about to find out if I can win this game or fumble the two most important plays of my life.

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Available in KU

Easton appears to be living the life that others can only dream of as not only is he destined for the NFL, but he can have any girl he wants. The only problem is that after spending one night with Wren she is the one he wants and she wants nothing to do with him.

Between family, working and school Wren has her hands full so she doesn’t need to be distracted by a man who she believes is only looking for a good time. Based on his reputation she thinks she knows who Easton is but he is determined to prove her wrong.

The interactions between Easton and Wren were entertaining as they try to hide their true feelings or each other under sarcastic banter. There is no denying the chemistry and connection between them, but Wren isn’t the only person that Easton needs to convince to show they belong together.

Meet Maggie Rawdon 

Maggie loves books, travel and wandering through museums. She lives in the Midwest where you can find her writing on her laptop with her two pups at her side, in between binge watching epic historical and fantasy dramas and cheering for her favorite American (and European) football teams on the weekends. She loves writing dirty athletes and smart women and has a soft spot for writing characters who banter instead of flirt.

To learn more about Maggie and her books, visit here


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