Reluctant Husband 💚 Available Now

Title: Reluctant Husband
Series: Whiskey Men #1
Author: Hope Ford
Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance

Release Date: January 30, 2023

I’m in love with Lucas Blaze, the player grandson of the woman I take care of. I’m nothing like the women he dates, so the chances of him noticing me are slim to none. Until the day he asks me to marry him.
Lucas is the youngest Blaze Brother. He works twenty-four seven, and his only use for women is to get his rocks off when he’s taking a break from putting his family’s liquor brand into every store in the country.
I don’t wear the right clothes, I don’t mingle in the same high-profile groups, and I sure as heck don’t know the first thing about pleasing a man.
But to make his Granny happy, Lucas is willing to marry me.
Our marriage is one of convenience and I know it won’t last.
But try telling that to my heart.
He doesn’t believe in love and happily ever after.
I want a love that lasts forever.
In the end, will he give us a chance? Or will he walk away holding my heart?
USA Today Bestselling author Hope Ford, brings you a standalone first book in the Whiskey Men series. If you love reading about curvy women getting the hot guy, opposites attract, jealousy trope, marriage of convenience, and small-town romance, then you’ll love Lucas and Isabella’s story.
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There is nothing that Lucas wouldn’t do for his grandmother as she is the most important person in his life. When her one wish is to see him married he can’t say no so he convinces Isabella to be his bride but developing feelings for her wasn’t part of the plan.

Working for Lucas’s grandmother is both tempting and torturous. Isabella loves her job and the feelings she has for Lucas only grow by the day, but she doesn’t believe that he will ever see her as a woman. When he offers her a marriage of convenience will it end in heartbreak or happy ever after?

Isabella is exactly who Lucas needs in his life and he realizes it as well but first there are some challenges from the past and in the present that must be dealt with.

Releasing March 27
Hope Ford is a USA Today Bestselling author of Steamy, Sweet, Satisfying Romance.
She loves writing about small towns, swoony men, and curvy women that get their happily-ever-after. Stay up to date with new releases at

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