Tidal Ides 💙 Release Blitz

When the new theater director wants to shake up the routine, Candy Cane Key’s mayor has some issues to take up with her. Readers who love Jessa Kane and Jamie Schlosser will enjoy Tidal Ides by Layne Daniels, a steamy, small town, enemies-to-lovers, beach romance..

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My job as mayor of the most Christmasy town South of the North Pole comes with enough perks to overlook the headaches of municipal leadership. Most of the time. The new owner of Candy Cane Key’s Community Playhouse is putting that theory to the test.

Austie Norman, with her holly berry red lips and evergreen eyes, fits in perfectly. If I ignore the way she’s messing with tradition and making changes. And if I ignore the way she blazes past tradition and brings fresh energy to town. Definitely if I ignore the way she makes my heart trip over itself every time we argue about her plans to produce an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Ides of March. We can’t do Shakespeare when we’re meant to be doing Seuss. This is Candy Cane Key and people have certain expectations when they come here.

I can ignore all of that to fall in love. I just need to find a way to make Austie ignore all the ways I drive her crazy so she falls in love with me, too.

The MAN OF THE MONTH CLUB is a steamy small-town collection featuring a new hottie (or two!) every month. In 2023, escape to Candy Cane Key, Florida, and celebrate ALL the holidays with your favorite group of romance authors and their delicious men. Can’t wait to see you there!

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About Layne Daniels

Layne is a USA Today Bestselling Author, a long time reader of steamy romance, and began writing her own stories in December of 2020. Her favorite books to read are about Daddy Doms, strong alpha men who fall in love with fierce women, and sex positive living. When she’s not writing, she’s wrangling her family of jocks into some semblance of chill, running a business, getting ALL the tattoos, and living her love-at-first-sight fairytale with Mr. Mine.

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Stay Together 🧡 Live Now

Title: Stay Together
Series: Kincaid Brothers #4
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2023
From the moment I see her, I’m hooked. There’s just something about Crosby that has me eager to know her. One thing’s for sure, I can’t stay away from the new kindergarten teacher with the kind smile and secrets in her brown eyes.
There’s no hiding in a small town, and she’s suddenly everywhere. My family loves her, my niece won’t stop talking about her, and I…well, I just want to make her mine.
Crosby is everything I didn’t know I was doing looking for, but the wall she keeps up makes it impossible to love her the way I want to. I have to figure out how to tear it down, and fast— because she’s not so sure she’s sticking around, and I’m not prepared to let her walk away from Willow River… or me.
Another new town, another new school. But this time I’m not the struggling new kid; I’m the teacher. It’s hard to let go of my past, when it refuses to let go of me. I live in a constant state of unease, never knowing what the future holds. Especially when it comes to love.
Rushton isn’t like other guys. He’s open and honest. What you see is what you get. He’s made his intentions very clear. But I’m afraid getting involved only spells heartbreak for both of us. If growing up in foster care taught me anything, it’s not to get too close and definitely don’t get comfortable.
So, I learned to be good at goodbye. But for the first time in my life, I’ve found a place I want to put down roots. Rushton, his family, Willow River, my students—they all make me wish for once that I could stay. That we could… stay together.
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Crosby has never known true unconditional love or had a place to call home but Willow River might just be the place she can find both. Although her job as a teacher may be temporary she wants to make it permanent and isn’t about to be distracted from her goal but there is something about Rushton that has her wondering what if.

Rushton was content being single until Crosby comes into his life. Now she is all he can think about and despite her reservations he isn’t about to be deterred from showing her that not only does she belong with him but she belongs with his family as well.

Rushton is the perfect mix of sweet and swoony while Crosby is a woman who hasn’t let her past define her. The romance between them was engaging and the turmoil they had to overcome only made their relationship that much stronger.

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylee Ryan has been crowned the Queen of Swoon by her readers. With nearly fifty romance books under her belt, she’s known for penning happily ever afters with heart. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a book in her hand or hanging out with her family where she resides in her home state of Ohio.

Puck Boy 🏒 New Release

PUCK BOY by Hannah Gray is NOW AVAILABLE!!

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Special Edition Cover: https://mybook.to/puckboyse

May be an image of 2 people, book and text that says 'AVAILABLE now Puck Boy BROOKS INIVERSITY HANNAH GRAY Puck Boy HANNAH GRAY READ FREE IN KINDLEUNLIMITED'

Puck boy? I’ll take it. Heck, I’ve been called a lot worse.
Good time? You know it. Just ask anyone at Brooks University.
From a young age, the only thing in life I’ve ever taken seriously is hockey, and I’m not the guy who anyone—besides family and teammates—can count on. This is all true. At least until a certain curly-haired, blue-eyed goddess comes to me, looking for an easy hookup. And hook her up I do.
But what’s supposed to be a one-night stand doesn’t stop at one night. What’s meant to be easy … sure as hell gets complicated fast. And it becomes clear that Addison LaConte is just as much my savior as she is my demise.
They say if you love something, set it free, and if it’s meant to be, one day, it will return.
Well, I don’t think our story is going to be that simple.

Find more books by Hannah Gray here: http://www.authorhannahgray.com

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Hannah Gray spends her days in vacationland, living in a small, quaint town on the coast of Maine. She is an avid reader of contemporary romance and is always in competition with herself to read more books every year.

During the day, she loves on her three perfect-to-her daughters and tries to be the best mom she can be. But once she tucks them in at night–okay, scratch that. Once they fall asleep next to her in her bed–because their bedrooms apparently have monsters in them–she dives into her own fantasy world, staying awake well into the late-night hours, typing away stories about her characters. As much as she loves being a wife and mom–and she certainly does love it–reading and writing are her outlet, giving her a place to travel far away while still physically being with her family.

She married her better half in 2013, and he’s been putting up with her craziness every day since. As her anchor, he’s her one constant in this insane, forever-changing world.


Dark Knight 💗 Now Live

Title: Dark Knight

Series: Adair Legacy
Author: K.L. Donn
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2023
Cover Design: Alluring Write Productions
Photographer: Lindee Robinson
Models: Daniel & Shelby
From USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn comes an all-new obsessive, found love, dark contemporary romance.
A boy’s trip with my nephew turned into the chance of a lifetime.
Everything was going great until I saw her.
The girl with rope around her wrists and confusion in her stare.
An intriguing tattoo that led to more questions than answers.
As unique as they come, from her name to her illness, she had me twisted up inside.
Bean Plant Daley.
A fucking joke of a name if I ever heard one.
Only she lives with it daily. Along with the teasing that comes with such a name.
After discovering her family doesn’t give a crap about her, I decide to take Bea home with us.
She tried to warn me, but I refused to listen.
After getting arrested, and charged for kidnapping, Bea goes missing.
Vanishing from thin air.
Or so I’m led to believe.
They don’t want her.
I’ll fight to keep her.
I’m coming Bea, and no one will stop me this time.
A little taboo, a little dark, and whole lot of protective sexy alpha ready and willing to do whatever it takes. Join Nolan Sutton on his search for the one thing he never knew he was missing…love.

Nolan is familiar with the interest that woman have in him, but it isn’t always reciprocated until he sees Bea. Enjoying a boy’s weekend with his nephew Sawyer he sees a woman being led around by other women with a rope and he is intrigued. That quickly grows into a determination to protect her when he finds out about her condition and her living circumstances.

Bea has had a difficult life from what happened before she was born to the treatment she endures at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters. Nolan shows her understanding and acceptance, but some people will do whatever is necessary to keep them apart.

Nolan is a man that man others fear but he makes Bea feel safe. He and his family will do whatever is necessary to shield her from those who mean her harm and ensure she gets the vengeance she deserves.


KL Donn is a USA Today Bestselling Author addicted to coffee and tacos. As a Canadian author she writes in multiple romance genres and isn’t afraid of a new challenge. She brings you stories that will break your heart and heal it all in one breath. With over 60 published titles since 2015, she has many more planned for the future and enjoys connecting with readers.
On her off time, she’s bingeing Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and raising 4 amazing children. Married for more than half her life, she experienced her own happily ever after with husband Steve, at just 17. You’ll find them both at book signings once or twice a year, she’s the shy one, he’s there to tell you all about the books his wife writes and how proud he is of her.
Currently she is diving back into the Adair Empire world with the children and has plans to keep the series going with generations of dark stories to come.

Past Tryst 💚 Out Now

OUT NOW: Past Tryst

From USA Today bestselling author, Esther E. Schmidt & Addy Archer comes a gripping, standalone romance novel filled with banter, tension, and chemistry.

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Author: : Esther E. Schmidt & Addy Archer
Cover Model: Alex Michael Turner
Photographer: Golden Czermak, FuriousFotog, FuriousFotog.com
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt

Release Days: March 14, 2023

What happens when you mix a television dating show, a prize to win, and pure chemistry between two people? A full-blown collision along with a misunderstanding that lasts till Monday morning when they both–unknowingly–have to show up for work in the same tattoo shop.

Eloise – A new town, a new job, and a huge step forward to break open my shell and crawl out of my comfort zone. The wounds from my past may have healed, but in some form, life ultimately finds a way to rip them right back open.

Lucas – My parents always said my player ways would instantly come to an end once I experience pure chemistry when I finally meet the right woman. They weren’t kidding ‘cause meeting her knocks me off balance in a way that turns life upside down. Including hers when I unravel a dangerous truth from her past.

The Greene Family 🌅 Release Blitz

The Greene Family Boxset by Piper Rayne is now live and available for just $5.99 for a limited time only! 

“A great start to another big-family fun, sexy, and relatable romance series! Get this one on your TBR!” – New York Times Bestseller Melissa Foster about My Beautiful Neighbor

This small town romance series set in the fictional town of Sunrise Bay, Alaska follows the lives of nine siblings in one big, blended family. But small town life doesn’t mean it’s boring–first, you have the grandma gang intent on matchmaking, then there’s the local radio station’s gossip show that’s run by one of the siblings, and to top it all off, the matriarch and patriarch of the family being together was kind of a scandal in itself. Get ready to binge because you’re not going to want to stop once you meet all the Greenes!

Included in this collection is:

My Twist of Fortune (The Greene Family #0.5)
Once upon a time Marla married Hank’s cousin and left town, but when that marriage ends in shambles, she returns home with her kids to start over. She didn’t realize that starting over meant falling for Hank, the boy she had a crush on in high school.

My Beautiful Neighbor (The Greene Family #1)
Cade Greene is ready to expand his brewery until a mystery woman shows up and takes over the building next door.

My Almost Ex (The Greene Family #2)
Adam Greene is trying his best to move on with his life after his wife up and left him without explanation a year ago. When she shows back up in town with amnesia thinking they’re still married, he has to decide if he wants her to remember why she left in the first place or not.

My Vegas Groom (The Greene Family #3)
Sometimes what happens in Vegas follows you to Sunrise Bay. Nikki Greene finds out firsthand how persistent her new stranger of a husband can be when the MMA fighter shows up in town to claim his new bride.

A Greene Family Summer Bash (The Greene Family #3.5)
Catch up with the Greene family during their annual summer party. There are sure to be surprise announcements and unexpected guests!

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Meet Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write “heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle” about families, whether that be blood or found. They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they’re married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they’re both chauffeurs to their kids. Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too!


Connect with Piper Rayne

Website: www.PiperRayne.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15810938.Piper_Rayne

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Piper-Rayne/e/B01ND0R15R

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PiperRayne/

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Other: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PiperRayne?ref=shop_sugg

Verve: https://ververomance.com/app/PiperRayne

Tempt 💚 Now Love

Title: Tempt
Series: Brooklet Dreams Series
Author: CA Harms
Genre: Childhood Crush, Second Chance Romance (standalone)
Release Date: March 14, 2023
Cover Design: Melissa Gill Designs

A sullen girl with an untold story…
Eyes so blue I swear it’s like looking at the turquoise waters of the Greek Isles.
Those are the first memories I have of Kyra.
For years I stood on the sidelines, watching and waiting for my perfect chance.
Wanting her so badly, consumes my every thought.
There are so many things I thought I knew. But the truth is… I don’t know the real Kyra.
But what I do know is that I will stop at nothing to know her. I am mesmerized by her beauty, captured by her smile, and warmed by the love she has for her Gran.
Her laughter is addictive and her touch, soothes every single doubt I’ve ever had. Kyra is the one I want, the one I’ve always wanted.
She tempted me with just one glimpse of her mesmerizing eyes and now, I crave more.
I have every intention of showing her how amazing we can be together.
Because she became mine a long time ago, I felt it the first time I saw her captivating eyes.
It’s time I go after the one I’ve wanted. The one that I’ve dreamed of…
The one temptation I’ve never been able to shake.
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C.A. Harms is an avid romance and mystery reader. She’s always had a love for books, getting lost in writing and storytelling even as a young girl. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories.
She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She holds an addiction for Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha’s and KitKat when she should really be focusing on water and maybe a fruit or two to make herself feel less guilty, but that feeling quickly passes…thankfully.
She is easy going, fun, and although she may seem like one of the quiet ones at first, you just wait until she gets to know you better…that quietness changes, fast.

The Playing Game 🏒 Available Now

Title: The Playing Game
Series: Off the Ice #1
Author: Ainsley Booth
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Second Chance/Hockey Romance
Friends to Lovers
Release Date: March 9, 2023
NHL veteran player Kieran Marsh has had more relationships than trips to the sin bin, making him a player on and off the ice. And two years ago, I had a one night stand with him when I thought I would forever stay the anonymous girl in the hockey jersey.
But now my city has an expansion team, and guess who’s one of their star players?
Of course I accept an offer to go see the opening night game. I can’t stay away, even though hockey destroyed my family, and so much about Kieran reminds me of the worst things my father ever did to my mother.
And when Kieran sees me in the stands? I know nothing is going to be the same again. This is his game, and he knows how to win.
Free in Kindle Unlimited

It may have been two years since Kieran spent an unforgettable night with Harper but it feels like yesterday. His attempts to find her were unsuccessful until he sees her at one of the games he is playing in and the one thing he knows is that he isn’t about to let her walk away a second time.

Harper has seen first hands the devastating effects that dating a hockey player can have. Despite her resolve to distance herself from him Kieran is persistent and determined to show her that he is a man she can depend on and trust with her heart.

Kiernan and Harper were so much fun together and I enjoyed seeing Harper open her heart to the man who knew that they were meant to be together. Hot chemistry and a little turmoil make this a heartwarming romance.

Ainsley Booth is a three-time USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. Between her two pen names (she also writes contemporary romance as two-time New York Times bestseller Zoe York), she has published more than seventy books since 2013. Notable hits include Prime Minister and Hate F*@k.

The Way Of Us 💙 Available Now

Release Date: March 13

USA Today Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa delivers an emotional, slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, fake relationship, accidental pregnancy romance you don’t want to miss. 


Sometimes you have to stop planning and live in the moment.


What do you do when your grandma wants to set you up on a date?

You fake it. Simple.

At least, that’s what I thought ten years ago.

It was a little lie: I’m dating Heathcliff Spearman.


Tall, dark, and incredibly handsome Heath Spearman.

My best friend.

I never thought things would get out of hand.

But things snowballed, and my grandparents think he’s my
They say some moments can change your life forever. Five happened to me in less than two

1. My grandparents threatened to visit me.

2. Heath offers to play the role of my fake fiancé.

3. We kiss—the kind of kiss that takes your breath away.

4. The lines between us blur. We go from friends to friends-with-benefits.

5. The word positive appeared on the pregnancy test.


I’m positively screwed.


Have I mentioned Heath doesn’t want children or a family?

Oh, and of course, my grandparents caught the lie…


What am I supposed to do now?


The Way of Us is an interconnected standalone in the Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers series. A beautiful and heartfelt story of a strong woman who never gave up on family and love. A man who’s determined to rescue and defend her.


This is a redeeming love story that’ll have readers holding their breath until the very
last page.

Grab Your Copy Here!

Heath is a man tormented by his past who is still trying to make amends for an event he wasn’t responsible for. He met Atzi when they were children, and a friendship was forged as they were both going through a similar situation. He has been in love with her for years but knows he can’t give her what she needs so he decides he needs to leave town and put some distance between them.

Atzi has lost those who were closest to her so she is determined to maintain her relationship with her grandparents. The only problem is that to please them she has been pretending to be engaged and now that they are coming for a visit she finds herself in a difficult situation. When Heath agrees to pretend to be her fiancé it should have been the end of the drama, but they are both about to find out it is only the beginning.

Heath and Atzi still bear the emotional scars of their past which has made them cautious about losing the most important person in their lives. Theirs is a story about love, family and healing that is filled with angst and a love that is meant to be. The narrators did a wonderful job with all the characters and had you feeling the same things they were missing.

Meet Claudia Burgoa

Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.  

She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breaths away. Her books are the perfect blend of steamy and heartfelt, filled with emotional characters and explosive chemistry. Her writing takes readers to new heights, providing a variety of tears, laughs, and shocking moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats.


She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, her youngest two children, and three fluffy dogs.


When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family. At nights, she likes to binge watch shows or movies with her equally geeky husband.

To learn more about Claudia and her books, visit here!  

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Disregarded Heart 💗 Now Live

Title: Disregarded Heart
Author: Lisa Shelby
Release Date: March 13, 2023
Genre/Tropes: Grumpy/Sunshine, Single Dad, Forced Proximity
Cover Design: Kari March Designs

Logan Shockley crashed into my life—literally—and turned it upside down.
After ranting about my driving and demanding my insurance information, he finally released me, only to burst through the doors of my best friend’s wedding rehearsal.
Surprise! Logan’s the best man. And he looks better in a tuxedo than any man should.
Despite my attraction to him, and our intense, heated elevator exchanges, I could easily write him off if not for his adorable six-year-old daughter.
Every time she walks into the room, his grumpy disposition melts into sugary-sweet nicknames and heart-melting pride, providing a tempting glimpse of the man he could be.
Now, for the next ten days, I’m stuck in a house with Logan, his daughter, and three corgis.
This should be fun.

His chest is heaving as if he’s just gotten off a treadmill. As soon as the night air hits us, he drops my hand like it’s toxic. He takes two steps away from me, then turns and takes two more back in my direction before doing it all over again. 

“What the hell—”

“Don’t,” he snaps, interrupting me. “Do not say a fucking word.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just don’t, Abby.”

“Why, you gonna kiss me again?” I ask with unexpected venom as he continues his back-and-forth pacing. 

He spins around, chest still heaving. God, he’s intense. And confusing. 

“Do you want me to kiss you again?”

Two steps, and he’s standing inches away.

“Yes, but not if you’re just going to tell me it was a mistake later.”

The words are barely out of my mouth when his lips crash into mine, his hard body pressing me against the rough exterior of the bar. Just as he did in the elevator and the pool, he lifts my leg around his hip, pulling our bodies as close as possible right here on the sidewalk, fully dressed.

“I shouldn’t do this,” he pants against my lips, never breaking the kiss. “I can’t fucking do this.” He presses his hardness against me, spurring me on as my fingernails scratch the back of his head. “But I can’t not have you at least once.” Stopping, he presses his forehead against mine, his hand burning a trail up my side until he cups my breast. “I need to know how good it feels to be inside you. To taste you. Everywhere.”


“Just once.” 

“That’s not really my thing.”

“I need to get you out of my system.” 

His last statement a whispered plea on his lips. 

“Where’s the guy who gives romantic speeches and talks of fairy tales of true love to his little girl?”

His lips find my collarbone and leisurely explore my neck until reaching my ear. “Those things don’t apply to me.”

I’m breathless, needing to do a better job of ignoring the need and lust pulsing through me and press on, standing firm. “Why?”

“I don’t have that luxury, Abby.” 

The sound of my name on the early evening air would have my knees buckling if I didn’t have Logan and the wall behind me holding me up. 

“I don’t do one-night stands.”

He pulls back and looks soul-deep into my eyes, and I wish I knew what he was thinking. Why can he only give me one night? But in a move I’m hardly expecting, he takes my face in both of his hands, one of his thumbs brushing over my bottom lip. 

“I understand.”

He speaks words of understanding, but when he presses his lips to mine again as if to say goodbye, the hunger and lust are gone. Instead, I swear he’s worshiping me and burning the moment into his soul, so he never forgets it. 


The word is out of my mouth before I realize I’ve said it.

Logan is trying to balance the demands of managing his construction company his six year old daughter Ila. A fender bender is the last thing he has time for especially when the next time he sees the other person involved it has to do with their friends wedding.

Abby is fun, feisty and exactly who Logan and Ila need even if Logan doesn’t realize it at first. The physical and emotional connection between them was not only unexpected but undeniable even if they had some obstacles to overcome.

This is a heartwarming story about love and family with entertaining banter, captivating characters and all the feels.

Lisa Shelby is a USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author, a self-proclaimed love geek and cake-pop addict. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, this is still where Lisa calls home with her husband and their dogs. When she isn’t writing her next happily ever after, you can find Lisa with her husband traveling, listening to live music, and impatiently waiting for her next FaceTime call with her son, who is currently deployed with the United States Marine Corps.